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To the Forgotten Children

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The Forgotten Children  ( Empty Cradles ) Song Lyrics By John Gibbs. Up to 1968 Children from Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales from child care institutions were sent to Australia to increase the % of white blood there. I believe 8000 in all.In many cases the children were told the parents were dead and the parents told the children were given up for adoption!. They were forced to work, were mistreated and abused.

(C) I was (a) ten years (G) old and (C) cried
(Am) Under (d) neath a (G) starry (C) sky
(F) On the (C) deck a (G) waving (C) hand
(Am) Steaming (G) off, she (F) left the (C) land

Six weeks (Am) long we (G) ploughed the (C) mane
(Am) Through the (D) wind and (G) through the (C) rain
(F) Sixty (C) children (G) one and (C) all
(Am) Inno(G)cent  as (F) leaves that (C) fall

Docked be(Am)neath the (G) burning (C) sun
(Am) Half of (d) us shipped (G) further (C) on
(F) Sorted (C) out like (G) sheep by (C) noon
(Am) We were (G) trucked  off (F) to Bin(C)doon

(F) Bindoon ' was the (C) devils ' home
(Am) Built on (G) blood and (F) sweat and (C) stone
(F) No es'caping (C) from the ' heat
Ce(Am)ment would (G) burn  your (F) hands and (C) feet

Labored (Am) hard and (G) labored (C) long
(Am) First chance (d) I was (G) on the (C) run
(F) Caught me (C) with a (G) horse and (C) claw
(Am) Flogged me (G) till my (F) back was (C) raw

(F) Keaney ' was the (C) devils ' kind
(Am) He was (G) fierce and (F) he was (C) wild
(F) Knuckled ' stick down (C) on your ' head
(Am) Little (G) skulls are (F) easily (C) bled

Labored (Am) hard and (G) labored (C) long
(Am) What the (d) hell did (G) we do (C) wrong?
(F) No one’s (C) love to (G) make you (C) strong
(Am) No one (G) there where (F) you be(C)long

(F) Bindoon ' was the (C) devils ' home
(Am) Built on (G) blood and (F) sweat and (C) stone
(F) cought me with (C) a horse and claw
Fl(Am)ogged me (G) 'till my (F) back was (C) raw

Hide your (Am) eyes and (G) close them (C) tight
(Am) Footsteps (d) on the (G) floor at (C) night
(F) Waken (C) taken (G) from your (C) dreams
(Am) Jesus (G) cant you (F) let me (C) be

(F) Bindoon ' was the (C) devils ' home
(Am) Built on (G) blood and (F) sweat and (C) stone
(F) hide your eyes and (C) close them tight
Foot(Am)steps  (G) on the  (F) floor at (C) night


Empty (Am) cradles (G) know no (C) sighs
(Am) Know no (d) laughs and (G) know no (C) cries
(F) Broken (C) wings have (G) taken (C) flight
(Am) From the (G) darkness (F) of the (C) night

(F) Bindoon ' was the (C) devils ' home
(Am) Built on (G) blood and (F) sweat and (C) stone
(F) Broken wings (C) have taken flight
From(Am)the  (G) darkness (F) of the (C) night


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