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The Village Of Astee Lyrics And Chords

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The Village Of Astee Lyrics And Chords. Recorded by Tony Stevens, Dominic Kerwin. The guitar chords are for a version by Susan McCann that I'm most familiar with. Susan changes key half way through the song, she ups the tempo, you don't have to if you don't want to.

I'm [E]just a plain young Irish lad / girl and[A] Kerry is my home,
I [B]love to ramble down the road when my daily chores are[E] done,
It happened that one summers eve when [A]fate was kind to me,
I [B]spied a young girl / lad walking in the village of As[E]tee,

So [E]I resolved to speak with her / him to [A]hear what she might say,
I [B]walked a little faster until I crossed her / his [E]way,
I [E]stated my intentions quite[A] plain for her to see,
Then she / he [B]took my hand and kissed my cheek,
In the village of As[E]tee

Said [E]She / he "My handsome fellow I'm [A]glad we chance to meet,
I've [B]often thought about you as I walked along the [E]street,
If you think I'll make you happy then I'll [A]gladly go your way,
And We'll [B]speak to Father Murphy and we'll name our wedding [E]day,

So we[E] both sat down together and our wedding day we [A]planned
We [B]picked the guests of honour and we choose our wedding [E]bands
We [E]invited all our neighbours to the local Church [A]to see
Our [B]marrage cerimony in the village of As[E]tee

The[F] priest, he spoke of love and life and [Bb]blessed our hearts as one,
He [C]wished us every happiness until lifes race is [F]run,
We walked the aisle with loves sweet smile,
for [Bb]all the world to see,
Then we [C]headed out to Kathleens house,
In the village of As[F]tee.

Was [F]there we met to wine and dine un[Bb]til the break of dawn
Tim [C]Reilly played the fiddle and his mother sang her [F]song
We [F]sang the Stack Of Barley and we sang of Innis[Bb]free
And their [C]talking still of this great day in the village of A[F]stee

And [F]now we have a little house and [Bb]lovely children too,
We'd [C]like to have your company if you're ever passing [F]through,
We'll sing a song we'll talk a while and have a [Bb]cup of tea,
For we[C] know you'll like the life we live,
In the village of A[F]stee,,C]


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